Springfields supported Pulih to develop the e-counselling and support services to connect psychologists with clients or victims. Yayasan Pulih isĀ an NGO focused on trauma recovery and domestic violence intervention and support. They provide psychological services for victims of domestic violence, sexual violence in the community or as a result of the political conflict and humanitarian assistance to workers susceptible to burn-out, exhaustion, and trauma.

Additional services Pulih provide include:

Education and public awareness to community groups, institutions, and decision-makers about the prevention and response to violence based trauma recovery and psychosocial interventions.
Increasing the capacity and participation in psychosocial recovery.
Advocating social policy, laws, regulations and service disaster prevention and violence that better protect, fulfill the basic rights of the people, and trauma and recovery-oriented psychosocial interventions.
Development of competent organizations in the field of psychosocial, accountable, autonomous, democratic and social responsibility as part of the settlement of the problems of violence and the impact of the disaster.