The Mampu project is an Australian Aid funded project delivered by BaKTI that focuses on promoting and developing the role of female parliamentarians across eastern Indonesia.

BaKTI engaged Springfields in order to create an online repository to store documents and other key data useful to the role of participating parliamentarians. It is also desirable to “crowd source” data from participating parliamentarians so social network components are desirable. Springfields began the Mampu project in December 2013. We initially began by brainstorming possible solutions them meeting with Bakti staff on the project during a conference in Jakarta. We eventually settled on the Elgg social network platform as the highly configurable social network offers us the best balance between a decentralized social network and a centralized corporate service. The modular plugin system gives us a highly configurable interface to the application that allows us to write custom code without modifying the core applications. Allowing us to ensure we retain an easily supportable open source social network with all the configuration available in a custom solution.