The Eastern Indonesia Researchers Network (Jaringan Peneliti Kawasan Timur Indonesia/JiKTI) is a network that aims to promote collaborative efforts to support development activities between researchers in eastern Indonesia through research and knowledge sharing. JiKTI’s structure consists of the secretariat, 12 focal points (one in each province) and JiKTI’s members.

In July 2010, The Asia Foundation established a partnership with BaKTI to support JiKTI’s activities in capacity building and policy influencing for researchers in eastern Indonesia, in particular those who are JiKTI members. The first phase of the program was completed in November 2011. The second phase, focusing on JiKTI’s preparation in becoming a professional research organization started in 2012. Since July 2013, JiKTI’s activities were included in BaKTI’s core activities. This was funding by AIPD and CIDA. The Stock of Knowledge platform was launched in 2013 with the support of Springfields; it is anticipated to expand this platform with additional features, functionality and user interaction throughout 2014.

The Stock of Knowledge platform is a web-based knowledge interchange platform that has the mission of promoting cooperation between the JiKTI researchers of eastern Indonesia and, more specifically, in order to allow them to share and provide inputs on research findings, successful experiences, information about specific projects, and other information that could be helpful to promoting research collaboration. The Stock of Knowledge platform rests on information-based software that will be fed by many users located in different places; and will allow the fluid exchange of knowledge among its users, who will be connected to a network through the Internet. At the same time, procedural rules and guidelines will be designed and distributed with the purpose to allow all users to offer and access information in an orderly manner, guaranteeing in all instances the quality of the shared knowledge; this is moderated by a BaKTI JiKTI representative in Makassar. In this way, the stock of knowledge platform not only allows access to the existing information, but will also allow the researchers to share information related to their area of expertise.