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    Businesses in the supply chain have real-time awareness to high-risk grievances, like those that report abuse or dangerous behavior.

    Developed with the support from Palladium Make it Possible Innovation Grant
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    Offspring Grievance System

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    Springfields has developed a universally adaptable Mobile Grievance System and Online Dashboard to connect workers directly to their management or buyers within the supply chain.

    This system can be used in a range of sectors including: garment & footwear, manufacturing & industrial, rural communities, marginalized groups, agriculture, cooperatives, public sector and more.

    Two types of systems are available, SMS and Android. Both operate with a similar workflow with the Android System having added functionality similar to that of a messaging application.

    Messages can be filtered, automatically categorized, and processed into reports to establish an action plan. Reports can be sent via scheduled email to the factory management weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on management needs. 
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