Gotong Royong Fund (GRF) is an Indonesian crowdfunding platform that specializes in community fundraising, for both Indonesian individuals and organizations, seeking funding for social impact campaigns, educations, health, and the arts. Springfields has been providing ongoing technical assistance to design, create and populate the platform. GRF brings different communities together on one platform.

Companies in Indonesia want to help and engage with their community. Unfortunately, there are real and perceived barriers to accessibility and engagement. Gotong Royong Fund assists in breaking down these barriers through crowdfunding. Communities can promote their needs in an open and transparent way, while companies can review opportunities that meet their mission and vision.

Successfully funded activities will be promoted to the public through social media, whereby the public can voice success or failure. Promoters will also have to send regular reports to the backers. Gotong Royong Fund will also monitor projects and blacklist those that do not perform. Successfully implemented activities with good public engagement will continue to be funded as the promoters seek more funding. Poor implementation will be screened out.