Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) is delivering assessment, advisory and training services to Cambodian garment factories with the objective of improving working conditions for workers and competitiveness for factories. The three core services are labour intensive and staff spend on average 7 days for undertaking a factory assessment visit and producing the final report.

Training days differ, but all training is delivered through face to face courses. Staff mostly hard copies of questionnaires during the assessment visit to record their findings. Also for advisory work, staff often use hard copy papers to record and then take those paper back to the office to copy.

Since the demand for the BFC has grown considerably over the last couple of years, there is a need to look for options to become more effective and efficient in the service delivery. This year, some changes to the BFC service delivery are being implemented, which should, over time, reduce some of the time spend on advisory services (approx. from 10 days per factory to 6 for factories in the second year of advisory services). However, this revision did not include an assessment as to which extend the use of ICTs to help streamline procedures and practices.

This assignment enabled Springfields team to review BFC’s systems, procedures, and practices with respect to the delivery of its advisory and assessment services and provide recommendations on if and how the use of ICTs to improve effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.