BaKTI has been the sole organization focusing on the exchange of knowledge encompassing 12 provinces as well as providing services for the reformers in order to ensure effective development. Every year BaKTI embraces more stakeholders and seeks more opportunities to open potential services especially with local government, to share and to utilize the information in order to develop better programs. The work done by BaKTI has influenced and touched thousands of stakeholders. BaKTI itself has noted myriad significant changes occurring in the recognition of the need for knowledge and has always derived lessons from its relationship with the stakeholder as well as being ever more vigilant in responding to KTI problems being raised at the national level of issues. BaKTI has even been successful in translating these activities to be more focused on solving problems and as a positive approach for local government.

Springfields helped develop ICT tools and applications to support BaKTI’s core services. This includes: development of┬ásocial media integrations, online database and repository, e-learning resources, SMS communication and establishment of a Virtual Library┬áto catalogue books, publications, and other material.