About us

Innovation awards

Springfields has been the receipent of multiple innovation awards and compeitions across a range of groundbreaking products and services.



We have conducted projects and offer services in 6 countries to-date whilst maintaining our offices is Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore.

worked with us

Over 120 consultants, employees and interns have worked with us on our projects.


We have completed 20 projects to-date in cooperations with private- and public-sector counterparts.

years of experience

Over 5 years of experience managing projects, developing products & solutions for our clients and counterparts.


Progress to date
  • March 201620th Project Completed

    Competed 20 projects
  • March 2016Offspring Products launched

    Establishment of Offspring products division
  • June 2014Reaching Cambodia

    First project in Cambodia
  • January 201510th Project Completed

    Competed 10 projects
  • December 2013Reaching Vietnam

    First project in Vietnam
  • July 2013Established in Singapore

    Springfields group established in Singapore
  • August 2012Development of Grievance System

    Development of the first grievance system for garment factory workers
  • September 2011First Project

    First projected conducted in Indonesia
  • August 2011Established in Indonesia

    PT Springfields established in Indonesia