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    Openvoice IVR

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    Using a 3D printer, we have created a cost-efficient, scalable, standalone IVR system that can be deployed in any organization. This enables workers to access important information on request by calling, leaving voice grievances or participating in improvement-oriented surveys.

    • Access to Essential Services (i.e. Healthcare & Education), Access to Finance, Access to Social Protection Services, Accountability, Labor Rights (i.e. Collective Bargaining, etc.), Physical Working Conditions, Transparency.
    What if an individual or collective voice can be heard through the supply chain, and this can be used to establish accountability and mutual trust?
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Our office

  • Springfields
    2nd Floor Graha Selaras
    JL. K. H. Mas Mansyur no 59 Jakarta Pusat 10230, Indonesia

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